The Show

The Just So Stories is the perfect family show for everyone. Rudyard Kipling's classic tales are brought to life by a talented cast of four actors, using nothing but their imaginations and the objects around them.

While your 'best-beloveds' settle in to listen to our four best-beloved stories - The Crab That Played With The Sea, How The Camel Got His Hump, How The Whale Got His Throat and The Elephant's Child - the grown-ups will get the chance to share stories that they may well have grown up with too. In a world filled with shows aimed at children, why not choose a show that the whole family will enjoy?

Even if the stories are new to the grown-ups, there are lots of ideas for you to take home and play around with at story time yourselves. Why can't a bed sheet become a big whale's mouth? Why can't a pillow become the camel's hump?

Aimed at increasing the interaction at story time beyond the show for children and grown-ups alike, we make sure at the end of the show that if any children are interested, there are a few minutes after to talk to the actors, and maybe even try on an elephant's hat - home made, of course! There's even an activity sheet available to keep little ones occupied wherever you go after the show.

And to make things even better, we've included a selection of the stories on this website so that you can easily grab a tablet or laptop at bedtime, and read your youngsters more of the Just So Stories - simply hover over the 'Stories' menu, and choose which one you'd like to read.

If your little ones really enjoyed the songs as well as the stories, then you can simply download the audiobook for the show fromĀ Spoken World Audio. It features all of the stories from the show, told by actor David Warner, along with a full cast studio recording of the songs, with an additional bonus story and song - The Cat That Walked By Herself - with a bonus song too!